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An artistic link for the two exhibition venues of Kunst Museum Winterthur
Two neon works

We dedicate Chapter XVI of Journal to Bethan Huws and her partecipation at the competition by Kunst Museum Winterthur, Switzerland, showing never seen images of the project and revealing the idea behind the two neon works she proposed. The aim of the competition was to strengthen the connection between the two houses with an artistic intervention.

The work consists of a simple, two-lined dialogue in white neon letters, mounted on two opposite façades of the Museum. The first line, on the norther façade reads: A WORK OF ART WITHOUT EMOTION IS NOT A WORK OF ART, while the second line, on the southern façade, reads: ARE YOU SURE? The artist sets the two buildings, in dialogue with each other.

The work will be installed in spring 2021.

Dedichiamo Chapter XVI di Journal alla partecipazione di Bethan Huws al premio del Kunst Museum Winterthur, Svizzera, mostrando immagini inedite del progetto e rivelando l’idea alla base delle due opere da lei proposte. Lo scopo del premio era rafforzare la connessione tra i due edifici con un intervento artistico.

L’opera consiste in un semplice dialogo di due righe scritto con lettere di neon bianco montato sulle due facciate opposte del Museo. La prima riga, sul retro della facciata nord recita: UN’OPERA D’ARTE SENZA EMOZIONE NON È UN’OPERA D’ARTE, mentre la seconda, sulla facciata sud recita: SEI SICURO?. Con il suo intervento l’artista mette i due edifici in dialogo tra loro.

Il lavoro verrà installato in primavera del 2021.

“The work consists of a simple, two-lined dialogue in white neon letters, mounted on two opposing façades of the Kunst Museum Winterthur buildings.

The first line, on the northern façade of the Reinhart am Stadtgarten, reads:


The second line, on the southern façade of the Beim Stadthaus, reads:


Paul Cézanne, whose work is included in the collection, said something similar:

Une œuvre d’art qui n’a pas commencé dans l’émotion n’est pas de l’art.

A work of art that does not begin in emotion is not art.

The first sentence extends along the whole length of the building, which is framed on either side by two large trees. Note that the word ‘emotion’ is positioned above the central doorway, which will be reopened during the museum’s restructuring. In front of the building, the small water jet picks up on the white neon light. Animated by the long sentence, the façade acts as a theatre backdrop and transforms this well-frequented park into a stage. The focus shifts to the two buildings and what goes on in the park between them.

The second, much shorter sentence extends along the breadth of the left wing of the Beim Stadthaus that houses the natural history museum; it both responds to and questions the first, more solemn statement, and also adds a touch of humour.

Apart from their respective length and what is said, both sentences are identical in terms of their typeface, height, spacing and colour. What is said in the principal sentence, however, is self-evident, and is here simply brought to the foreground and underlined.

Whether we are aware of it or not, emotion is the one property we do all expect from a work of art.

Are you sure?

The work functions as an incentive, encouraging people to enter the museum and check this out.”

Bethan Huws, February 2020

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